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As a child of the 80s, I was there from the beginning. I could tell many stories about past battles of good versus evil on the Internet… but that’s not of interest at this point. What is more important is what I have to offer now.
About advice on individual offers.
No mumbo jumbo is the uniqueness of my achievement. The online veteran’s services are aimed at those who have had enough of half-measures. I connect existing marketing puzzle pieces (website, ads, SM, …) into a functioning funnel. I supplement these with my skills where appropriate. If I want to give my work a structure and name, the word funnel support sums it up well. Every battle is about conversions and because conversions are the goal, the funnel must go from start to finish. And where it doesn’t fit yet, I dig out the funnel further.
Why veteran?
As a long-serving employee, I have fought on most fronts in marketing and gained my experience. It started in 2008 with a computer science degree and a friend who gave the young online recruit the first rules of survival. I didn’t want to go down and accepted the fight. Over the years, battles were won and promotions came, up to the highest positions in medium-sized companies.
Use of existing resources.
All the tinsel for the victories is nothing compared to the camaraderie that can be gained on the front lines. Every campaign is a small battle in which you rely on the comrade next to you. Wherever I was called in to provide support, I was able to find comrades who were in distress and raise them up to form a new command. A side effect of these new formations is always the conservation of the budget.
And otherwise? typical veteran!
A piece of wisdom for all online marketing recruits

Admiral Google always tries to provide the best search results. … no more and no less.

That’s it. The individual parts are nothing without an understanding of the whole.